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We offer a range of training courses for Project managers having some years of professional experience. These are run by professionals with many years senior level experience in our sector.

Training topics

  • Integrated risk management
  • Decision analysis
  • Intro to Portfolio management for the Project Manager
  • Working with Data and AI to enhance Projects

Contact us if you wish to discuss a custom design for your organisation.

Coming soon! Our Integrated Risk Management course in early February 2022. See details below.


Intro to Portfolio Management – Advanced Workshop

Techniques and practices of portfolio management of R&D projects through the development value chain.

Data analysis and AI techniques – Advanced Workshop

How data and AI is enhancing project management - and how to make a start in your projects.

Decision analysis for Project Managers – Advanced Workshop

Advanced techniques of analysis of future options for best practice decision-making at project team and governance levels.

Integrated Risk Management – Advanced Workshop

Integrating high performing risk management practice into projects and governance.
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