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PIPMG is now offering training and development to help Project Managers at all levels learn and improve.

For this new to this role, our learning modules and workshops cover the range of skills and techniques you will need to focus on to be a fully fledged project manager in our sector. For more experienced PMs, our range of advanced workshops will deepen your knowledge and enable you to develop high-performance project practice.

If you are studying for a PM qualification, our practical, skill-oriented training will compliment it and add depth.

What’s needed from Project Managers in our Sector?

An interactive guide to the capabilities expected from Project Managers in small, medium and global organisations.

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Project Manager Skills Development Programme

For new and growing Project Managers – a suite of online learning modules and workshop sessions, run along a nine-month timeline, from which you can select and build your own programme.

Advanced Project Management Skills Courses

For experienced Project Managers, a range of workshops covering processes and skills critical to organisations in our sector. Run by experienced PMs with senior sector experience.

In company training, leader and team development

We can provide these modules, or custom training / coaching based on aspects of the content, as in-house opportunities. Please contact us to discuss.

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