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Why is this important now?

As you may be well aware, organisations worldwide are embracing artificial intelligence to analyse data in a quest for vital insights. You will be thoroughly familiar with the tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook who profile site visitors to in order to direct advertising. But in recent years Pharma/life science companies have initiated many data/AI programs to help them develop innovative and likely successful products.

Many of you will have encountered these programs feeding insights into your projects – to aid target identification, predictive safety assessment, clinical design – even commercialisation options. But our sector is generally NOT using data to evaluate the ways that we work and empower the learning process.

As a project professional we’d hope you would assert that expertly managed projects are critical to lead and coordinate development products and services.

This pilot is about helping you to collect the most valuable data about the management of your projects.

How this will work

The principle aim of this pilot is to help you to get started in collecting meaningful project-related metrics. You will use a login to our system, which you’ll be able to configure for your own use. It is simple to operate and you’ll be able to get started straight away.

What information will we record?

You and your teams will record against a range of highly meaningful measures that PIPMG’s network of experts has defined. We will recommend the range of metrics that you might start using, but you will be able to choose those that are feasible for you to use.

You can find out more about this continually evolving suite of metrics here.

What will happen to the data we input?

Your organisation’s data will, at the outset only be accessible to you. We will not share it without your permission. Also – it’s ‘chicken and egg’ – things have to start somewhere but when you have a few months’ data we will help you to leverage it. See more about this here.

We will ask you at some point whether your data can be shared. Should you agree, a completely anonymized version of participating organisations’ data will be aggregated nationally. The purpose of this is to derive maximum benefit from the lessons learned and establish benchmarks of  performance.

When can we start?

Right now. You can begin capturing useful data and adapt and learn what works best for you, as you go. You will receive support in all aspects of this initiative, as described in these various pages, in return for a modest paid subscription to PIPMG.

Following the ‘pilot’

The system we will use will not be suitable for a major rollout. As this initiative expands we will cutover to a larger implementation and port all data into it. It may be that some organisations establish their own internal systems following this model. Either way we intend to evolve this discipline into regular, high value practice throughout the sector.

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