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As of Q2/Q3 2022, we are considering a variety of strategies to build proper data analysis into this initative.

Simple learnings

We anticipate that choosing to use our metrics at a fairly simple level will generate some fairly obvious learnings and opportunities for change. These may be noted and acted upon without detailed analysis.

Building data analysis expertise

More detailed data over time will build into a significant database onto which some artificial intelligence analysis can be applied.

We have worked with Martin Paver, a project data expert from the APM to think through how this might be achieved. It is possible that we can train representatives from participating companies in these techniques. Martin has suggested that it would be highly time and cost effective to use suitably able apprentices to begin this work. We will be considering this for the future.

Generating cross-sector knowledge

As we have said in introducing the pilot data capture opportunity, our long term plan is to encourage participating organisations to share anonymised data. From this we can draw powerful conclusions for best practice in our sector.

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