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How do you know that your projects are working efficiently, and have the best chance of meeting their objectives? Can you do some analysis to help you learn from experience – and especially attend to the factors that are the best indicators of success?

It would not be surprising if this is difficult, as:

  • There is not an agreed set of standards of project management effectiveness  (‘maturity model’) available, particularly to small/medium sized organisations
  • Most life science projects in our experience do not routinely collect metrics that are specific to the quality of project management
  • You may collect some data but it’s likely that these are only ‘lagging’ metrics – hard numbers such as progress vs. plan, money spent vs. budget.
PIPMG is commencing a project to provide Pharma/Biotech, Life Science and Healthcare organisations’ Project Managers with resources to enable them to:
  • Access to systems and tools that will allow project managers/teams to collect data very easily against a rich set of relevant measures
  • Use a differentiated maturity model to assess your project management level of effectiveness relative to your size and scope
  • Eventually – access a nationwide, artificial intelligence-driven recommendations of what factors make the biggest impact on success

You will hear more about this in coming months. There will be a free webinar in September to explore the topic and get your input. We will give a status update at our face-to-face event at AZ Cambridge, On November 15th.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in being part of a pilot, or have some views to contribute, please get in touch here.

The anticipated benefits to you and your organisation

  1. What from the myriad aspects of projects will bring the greatest overall performance improvement? In a real situation where you don’t have time to address everything – such as:
  • The dynamics of meetings
  • The effectiveness of communication
  • Access to and value of documentation
  • Motivation and alignment of team members
  • Decision making effectiveness
  • Learning and improvement …

… solid data will help you to qualify what aspects are hurting your success and how much. You can focus on these!

2. If you wish to influence senior management, solid data will be much more effective than your opinions or unsubstantiated requests. You will be able to bolster the status of the project system.

3. Many will be in a commercially competitive environment. More efficient project management will enable you to move in a more agile way

4. The use of data and AI is nowadays the most frequently discussed development need in the project sphere. Becoming a practitioner will help not only your organisation but your own future career.

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