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Our range of courses help Project Managers develop a full, professional level of skills.

It contains a comprehensive suite of interactive eLearning modules and a series of practical workshops. From the gallery below you can build a programme that perfectly suits your needs, or just book onto individual modules.

Discounts are available when you book for significant numbers of modules. See more detail below. Also, for in-house company groups, we can create custom training programmes from across the range.

Who are these courses suitable for?

  • Full time project managers who wish to develop a full and rounded set of capabilities
  • Science/technical professionals who have taken, or who are shortly to take on PM responsibilities as well as their current responsibilties
  • The above, who are taking PM qualifications (e.g. with APM or PMI), and wish to add practical skills

Programme scope

Our range of courses spans the project management process comprehensively from initial sponsorship, through planning, budgeting, risk management, routine metrics/reporting, issues/decision-making, to closeout. It also explains the critical leadership and team skills, especially relevant in our sector, particular in engaging matrix teams without direct authority and resolving conflict.

Learning methods

The topics are introduced by interactive eLearning modules, with clear explanations of project techniques, using videos and animations. Also where relevant, assessment questionnaires will give useful feedback and guidance. Deeper exploration is provided by live workshops (provided as online sessions), working with expert trainers, using case studies and opportunities to share participants’ own challenges.

Help with qualifications

Knowledge gained during the programme will help you with studies for entry level qualifications such as the Association of Project Management (APM) Fundamentals examination and the Project Management Institute (PMI) entry-level exams.

How to access the courses

You can register an interest in the Individual modules and workshops by clicking on any below. We will contact you to advise on available dates.

Fees for an individual eLearning course  are generally £200. For a workshop generally £400.

Discounts are available for bookings of multiple courses for one person, AND for organisations booking courses for multiple staff members. Again, we will contact you if you register interest, or email us.

Contact us if you wish to discuss a custom design – we blend various courses’ content to suit a particular need in your organisation.

Courses in the Programme


02 Launching a project with a team – eLearning

The essential steps to kicking off a project that will get started properly and avoid many later problems.


03 Project Kick Off – Workshop

Guidance and techniques for launching a project with a team - trainer led live sessions.


04 Building a Project Plan – eLearning

From an initial overview, building a detailed project plan and budget.


05 Planning and Budgeting – Workshop

Techniques and processes for building plans with a team - trainer led live sessions.


06 Project Communications – Workshop

Making meetings and communication work - trainer led live sessions.


07 Project Risk Management – eLearning

How we identify and classify risks in projects and develop strategies to cope with them.


08 Risk management – Workshop

Practical risk assessment and classical risk management strategies - trainer led live sessions.


09 Project Metrics and Reporting – eLearning

Establishing effective measures of progress and ways of routine reporting to stakeholders.


10 Making a leadership impact in a project – eLearning

Developing your style as an authoritative leader of a cross-function team.


11 Project Leadership – Workshop

Sharing the best practices to make a leadership impact in a project - trainer led live sessions.


12 Decision Making in Pharma Projects – eLearning

How projects teams work with governance groups in Pharma to make complex decisions.


13 Influencing and Decision Making – Workshop

Exploring ways that project teams interact successfully with governance groups - trainer led live sessions.


14 Motivating and Engaging your project team – eLearning

How to inspire the best performance from cross functional team members who may work on a variety of different projects.


15 Managing Performance and Conflict in projects – eLearning

How you can manage individual and team performance when things are not going so well.


16 Team problems and challenges – Workshop

Comparing the best approaches to team member performance and managing conflict - trainer led live sessions.


17 Closing Out a Project – eLearning

Completing a project, reviewing and agreeing lessons learned for future work.


18 Reviewing and learning from a Project – Workshop

Practical ways to encourage teams to learn and capture learning from project work - trainer led live sessions.

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