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You may be working at the leading edge of science, but are your project management capabilities at the same level?

They may not be! Especially in small and medium-size organisations that do not have central resources to develop and manage project effectiveness.

PIPMG can help with it’s program of informative events and to network across our industry. But in addition, can provide development, training and mentoring across a range of needs.

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Do you recognise any of these challenges?

Getting to up to speed with project management – generating understanding of how PM works in our sector – for newly appointed project managers, recruits from other sectors – and importantly, staff who need an awareness of project management works in an organisation. See more

Building project leadership and collaborative teams – developing leaders so that can confidently focus experts around key goals, inspire and motivate team members; collaborative and committed teams, developing trust based on mutual knowledge and respect, managing conflict into creativity. See more

Developing integrated, mature systems – making key disciplines such as portfolio management, planning, risk management, metrics and reporting operate consistently across the business and seamlessly between different management levels. See more

Learning from experience – building a routine review process into projects’ execution – identifying root causes of setbacks and action plans to improve; establishing the practice of thorough lessons learnt exercises at the close of projects. See more


Do you want to discuss any challenges specific to your own company? We would be pleased – contact us.

Standard Training Courses

PIPMG has a suite of ready-to-go training modules for varying levels of expertise. These are available internationally and can be delivered  by our highly experienced associates.  Any module can be licensed for marketing by conference companies, or delivered directly to companies.

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