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18 Reviewing and learning from a Project – Workshop

£400.00 +VAT


The Project Manager has an active role to play in reviewing and learning.

During the execution of a project the team should periodically discuss progress against the defined metrics, and look for operational tactics and behaviours that might have contributed to particular problems, or successes. Continual corrective action can be applied. less frequently, a more exhaustive review – known as a ‘health check’, may occur, often facilitated by an external person.

As a project completes, a formal ‘lessons learned’ exercise is important as this will generate useful information for the setup and conduct of future projects.

This live, trainer-led session* will introduce a variety of practical ways to engage a team in routine, short review. A format for end-project review exercises will be discussed . Case study exercises will be done, and also participants will be encouraged to bring their own questions and feedback to share with others.

(*Note that to make online meeting time most productive, the topic will be spread via shorter sessions over several days)

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