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14 Motivating and Engaging your project team – eLearning

£200.00 +VAT


There are almost never enough resources to make the operations of a project easy and comfortable! Sponsors are always looking to achieve maximum quality, in minimum time, with the lowest possible spend.

As well as this, it’s well known that for projects in our sector, at any one time, for one project, some functional areas won’t be doing anything – they will be waiting while other functional tasks complete. For this reason, we tend to appoint functional representatives to more than one project. This possible confusion, together with the workload that comes with ‘lean’ organisations, means that some team members may not seem highly motivated or ‘fired up’ by the goals of one particular project.

This eLearning course will explain what really motivates team members, and poses some tricky, but typical scenarios a PM might face. Tips to generate and maintain a good level of motivation and engagement with a particular project – will be given!

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