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PIPMG Kicking Off 2023 Webinar held on 9th Feb 2023

We were excited to provide a few announcements to kick off the new year. wehad great participation from the delegates and really enjoyed meeting our members, new and old.


  • What is PIPMG and why does it exist?
  • What’s new for 2023?
  • How to stay connected?

The recording of the event is here

Speakers were

Corky LaVallee, Global Program Team Director at EQRx

Denise Moody, COO, Kuano Ltd, PIPMG CEO

 Joe Stalder, Exec. Director, Project Management at Mirati Therapeutics, Head of PIPMG USA Chapter

John Faulkes John Faulkes, Training and Development Consultant, PPMLD Ltd, PIPMG Committee member

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