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Managing complex programmes in an increasingly challenging environment - Part 1

28nov9:15 am5:00 pmManaging complex programmes in an increasingly challenging environment - Part 1Is innovation our friend or foe

Event Details

This is to announce PIPMG’s next in-person event, in November 2023.

The topic will be spread in two parts over this meeting and another in May 2024.

The Objectives of this first event are:

  • Understand how changes in innovation are driving changes in product development
  • Gain insights into complexities of patient pathways and considerations relating to the development of complex therapeutics
  • Take learnings from a case study in overcoming recruitment challenges
  • Learn about the regulatory opportunities available for ATMPs
  • Learn about the technologies and tools that can be applied to manage complex projects
  • Understand the complexities around incorporating development of a companion diagnostic in parallel with product development
  • Discuss opportunities and network with colleagues at interactive project management workshop

The event also includes a free drinks reception immediately after the formal close!

Tickets are still available!

Note that charity organisations may take advantage of a discounted price of £350 (contact us to apply).

Note also that you may book the second event in May 2024 at a further 20% reduction of the stated price, if you book for the November event. You will need to contact us to arrange.

Transport note: Parking on site is limited but UCB has kindly agreed to allow participants to use the company shuttle bus from Slough Station which is on the Elizabeth Line.


contact us at

Speakers for this event

  • Alison Gillies, Leica Biosystems

    Alison Gillies, Leica Biosystems

    Principal Regulatory Affairs Strategist

    Leica Biosystems

    Principal Regulatory Affairs Strategist

  • Clive Lambden, UCB

    Clive Lambden, UCB

    Program Management Lead, UCB


    Program Management Lead, UCB

  • Dan Swerdlow, GSK

    Dan Swerdlow, GSK

    Senior director, Discovery Medicine at GSK


    Senior director, Discovery Medicine at GSK

  • Director, Franchise PM

    Director, Franchise PM


  • Gbemi Austin, Austin Bio Consulting

    Gbemi Austin, Austin Bio Consulting

    Austin Bio Consulting

    Olúwágbémilékè (Gbemi)
    Jamie Austin, PhD, RAC
    President and Principal Consultant 
    Austin Bio Consulting LLC

  • Graham Price, UCB

    Graham Price, UCB

  • Jacqueline Abbas

    Jacqueline Abbas

  • Jo Broadhead, BioCMC

    Jo Broadhead, BioCMC



  • Keith Rodgers, Nanoforce Technology

    Keith Rodgers, Nanoforce Technology


    Nanoforce Technology


  • Nitin Jain, AstraZeneca

    Nitin Jain, AstraZeneca

    Director Franchise PM

    Astra Zeneca Precision Medicine

    Director Franchise PM

  • Panteli Theocharous, Garuda Therapeutics

    Panteli Theocharous, Garuda Therapeutics

    Chief Therapeutics Officer

    Garuda Therapeutics

    As a senior-level industry executive in prior CMO roles and a cancer immunotherapy expert, Dr. Theocharous brings extensive experience in clinical development in malignant and benign haematological disorders, life cycle management, as well as regulatory and payer submissions. Specifically, Dr. Theocharous led development of first-generation clinical CAR-T, novel cell therapy applications in malignant diseases, and gene-directed therapies in benign disorders. Most recently, Dr. Theocharous served as Global Head, Cell and Gene Therapy Strategy Lead at PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Prior to PPD, Dr. Theocharous held global Clinical and Medical Affairs leadership roles at Cell Therapeutics Inc. and Janssen Oncology, and was Director for Stem Cell Transplantation and Advanced Therapies at the Royal Free Hospital in London. In the clinical arena, Dr. Theocharous worked with Professor A. Victor Hoffbrand in hematologic disorders and under mentorship by Professor H. Grant Prentice in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Dr. Theocharous received an MS in applied clinical haematology, and cancer medicine related higher degrees from the Royal Free and University College Medical School at the University of London. Dr. Theocharous has a successful track record of significant executive-level client consultation and strategic advisement including leadership and influence at CEO and biotech board level.

    Chief Therapeutics Officer

  • Pauline Stewart-Long

    Pauline Stewart-Long


    Stewart-Long Solutions


  • PIPMG Committee

    PIPMG Committee

  • TBA



    • november 28, 2023
    • 08:30 am Welcome coffee and networking08:30 am- 09:15 am
      Speakers: PIPMG Committee
    • 09:15 am Introduction to PIPMG and event Agenda09:15 am- 09:20 am
      Speakers: Pauline Stewart-Long
    • 09:20 am Introduction to UCB09:20 am- 09:30 am
      Speakers: Graham Price, UCB
    • 09:30 am How innovation and complex therapeutics are changing the development paradigm09:30 am- 10:05 am

      -How is the industry changing?

      -What is making development of a therapeutic more complex or is it?

      Speakers: Dan Swerdlow, GSK
    • 10:05 am Complex Patient Pathways in Rare Diseases – the recruitment conundrum10:05 am- 10:40 am

      Clinical challenges and opportunities

      -Complex logistics in ATMPs

      -How to find ‘rare’ patients

      -Recruitment & retention strategies

      Speakers: Panteli Theocharous, Garuda Therapeutics
    • 10:40 am Unlocking Super Power: Regulatory schemes for complex therapies10:40 am- 11:15 am

      Regulatory pathways (RMAT, BTD, PRIME etc)

      Speakers: Gbemi Austin, Austin Bio Consulting, TBA
    • 11:15 am Coffee Break11:15 am- 11:35 am
    • 11:35 pm Challenges in developing a companion diagnostic in parallel to therapeutic - what does this mean for the program? Case study11:35 pm- 12:10 pm

      - Introduction to Sponsor

      -Overcoming clinical, quality, regulatory challenges

      -Added value: increasing probability of success for successful payor negotiations

      Speakers: Alison Gillies, Leica Biosystems, Nitin Jain
    • 12:10 pm Intro to Workshop 1 topics12:10 pm- 12:25 pm

      Short intro to each topic 3 x 5 mins plus buffer

      Speakers: TBA
    • 12:25 pm Workshop 1- What is the Future? AI, parallel developments and other opportunities12:25 pm- 13:00 pm

      Artificial Intelligence, parallel developments (diagnostics or related assets) and other platform opportunities

      Speakers: Alison Gillies, Leica Biosystems, Jacqueline Abbas, Jo Broadhead, BioCMC, Keith Rodgers, Nitin Jain, AstraZeneca, Pauline Stewart-Long
    • 13:00 pm Networking lunch13:00 pm- 13:45 pm
      Board Room
    • 13:45 pm Workshop 1 Output from group discussions13:45 pm- 14:10 pm

      Discussion 5mins per group plus 10 mins

      Speakers: PIPMG Committee
    • 14:15 pm Overcoming challenges with methodology: a case study in rare disease14:15 pm- 14:45 pm

      Case study Waterfall / Agile project management methodologies


      Speakers: Clive Lambden, UCB
    • 14:45 pm Intro to Workshop 2 topics14:45 pm- 15:00 pm
      2 x 6 mins plus buffer
      Speakers: TBA
    • 15:00 pm WORKSHOP 2: Agile decisions. Applying project management techniques and tools to manage more complex projects15:00 pm- 15:30 pm

      Decision Frameworks, Agile adaptions

      Speakers: Denise Moody, Keith Rodgers, Pauline Stewart-Long
    • 15:35 pm Coffee break15:35 pm- 15:50 pm
    • 15:50 pm WORKSHOP 2: Output from group discussions15:50 pm- 16:15 pm

      Discussion  5 mins per group plus 10 mins

      Speakers: PIPMG Committee
    • 16:15 pm Overhaul of Program Management to meet the new challenges16:15 pm- 16:40 pm
      Progress to date
      Speakers: TBA
    • 16:40 pm Successfully Navigating the challenges of Advanced Therapies16:40 pm- 16:50 pm

      Summary Key takeaways

      Speakers: PIPMG Committee
    • 16:50 am Wrap up and details upcoming events16:50 am- 17:00 am
      Speakers: PIPMG Committee
    • 17:00 pm Post meeting networking reception - TBC17:00 pm- 18:00 pm


(Tuesday) 9:15 am - 5:00 pm



208 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3XE

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Tickets are not available for sale any more for this event!

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