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PIPMG Training – addressing critical challenges!

PIPMG is focusing on providing custom training for companies in our sector, helping in particular with some common challenges:

Generating understanding of the essential components of project management and the expectations / behaviours of working in a project system

Helping scientists transition to tackle project management – and lead dynamically in the project environment

Aligning the project level with senior management – building project team capability to report proactively on progress and challenges – achieving a single, clear view all across the company

Building disciplines such as risk management and portfolio management as integrated, high performing systemsacross a range of projects

Our pilot activities with some Pharma clients in 2021 were rated as ‘Exceptional training‘!

See more about our training here

We delivered another free webinar hosted by the APM, following many successful collaborations in past years.  The webinar by Pauline Stewart-Long covered risk management, a fundamental component of all projects, and how is it integrated across an organisation. The webinar will be on our website soon.

Events partnered with PIPMG

PIPMG has partnered with MarcusEvans to promote their project management related conference in return for member discounts and promoting PIPMG.

15th Edition Portfolio Management And Pipeline Optimization For Generics

Building Partnerships and Alliances to Diversify Global and Domestic Markets and Capitalize on Investment

28 September – 29 September 2022 | Sheraton University City – Philadelphia, PA

We are excited to inform you that PIPMG has partnered with marcus evans for the upcoming 15th Edition Portfolio Management And Pipeline Optimization For Generics Conference which takes place on 28-29 September, 2022 in Philadelphia, PA. Attending this premier event, will enable you to hear best practices on how to make profitable and lucrative deals, build value added alliances and partnerships while keeping close eye on how they can be more competitive in a market which is highly saturated. It will also explore the barriers of entry to new markets, technologies, branded and complex formulations.

Best practices and case studies from:

  • Apiject
  • XGEN Pharmaceuticals
  • Amneal Pharmaceuticals
  • Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Phlow Corporation

and more!

As a PIPMG member you are entitled to €200 discount for the event when registering (only for end users). Event website:

For further information please contact Ayis Panayi, Digital Media & PR Executive


8th Edition R&D Controlling & Performance Management Conference

Courtyard by Marriot Berlin City Center | Berlin, Germany

12-14 September, 2022

Be ready for new opportunities with the right performance-tracking processes and R&D strategy

We are glad to inform you that PIPMG has partnered with marcus evans for the upcoming 8th Edition R&D Controlling & Performance Management Conference which takes place on 12-14 September, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. Attending will enable you to explore ways to measure performance, balance risk and rewards in your portfolio, create a company culture based in innovation development, and navigate future challenges in R&D.

 Best practices and case studies from:

  • Oncologica UK
  • Merck
  • GSK
  • Flen Health
  • Danfoss

 and more!

 As a PIPMG member you are entitled to 200 discount for the event when registering. Event website:

For further information please contact:

Ria Kiayia

Digital Media & PR Executive, marcus evans

Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre is an important resource for project managers in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Here we have the event presentations and workshop outputs from the past 2 years available for you to view and catch up. We will continually add information from earlier events for your interest and development.

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