The aim of PIPMG is to promote and support the development of the Project Management profession within Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, CRO and other Pharma Services organisations.

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PIPMG is the principle body that supports the project management profession in our sector.

As a member, by connecting to us and attending our events you can get powerful and continuing professional development to help develop your career.

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Our next event:

The environmental impact of Project Management

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22nd September 2021

UK is hosting COP26 conference in November so it is timely to consider how we as project managers may be able to influence the way our industry impacts the environment. Big Pharma such as GSK have signed up as a Principle Partner to the COP26 and big organisations are taking the climate challenge seriously. How is this filtering down at project level? 

To understand the situation PIPMG have invited Vincent McGoldrick, who is a volunteer for Greenpeace, to explain his view on the climate and what action is needed.

Vincent is a retired Pharma industry employee, with some 35 years of experience in the industry.

The event is open to all PIPMG members and features a presentation from Vincent with Q&A.

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