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What are the challenges for individuals and organisations?

Building a general understanding of how project management works in our sector – It is not unusual for scientists and technical experts, particularly in a smaller organisation, to be confused about project management. There are project-specific processes they may not have met before. They may not be clear about when to communicate and who to? The project role is often confusing. What are the expectations of reporting to their team leader, vs. the project manager? See more below.

Taking on project management from an expert science/tech role – taking on project management responsibility can be very scary at first! The exact duties of the role are not easy to set down. Project team structures often feature a leader role without direct authority – and also leading others who are much more expert in their own disciplines than the project manager.

How can you accelerate learning to develop peoples’ confidence? See below.

Taking a PM role from a career in a different sector – experienced project managers from sectors such as manufacturing, construction, IT and so on, may have a great deal to offer. But often they struggle to understand the way projects operate in our sector, and of course our industry’s jargon.

Are you considering such a switch? Again, see below.

PIPMG can help you with any of these challenges!

What’s needed from Project Managers in the Pharma and life science sector? Explore this section

One great and quick way to start is our ‘Introduction to Life Science Project Management’ eLearning package. You can access this directly, or contact us to make an arrangement to use it for a group of staff. See more here.

We can offer coaching and mentoring from our highly experienced colleagues. See more here. We are introducing these services in Q3 2023, so keep a look out for news.

We run introductory courses for groups, by arrangement.

Why not discuss with us? Contact us at any time.

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