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Is Data Analytics and AI the new Project Management?

Data science has potential to provide enormous benefits to project and portfolio management in Pharma. There is an explosion of apps and tools using data analytics and artificial Intelligence (AI) for the benefit of research and development and there could be a similar benefit to project management. The Construction and Oil & Gas sectors are learning the business advantages of using the tools to give huge cost, time, risk, reporting, and quality improvements. But what might happen in our sector? PIPMG has arranged two renowned speakers to describe the current status of data analytics and AI to help us explore how pharma project management can benefit. We aim to explore what are the potential holds for our industry, how disruptive it could be, the opportunities that emerge from it and how we should prepare. We’ll also examine the current state of the art and where the industry is heading.

Meeting date: 18th November 2020 starting at: 14:00

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Key Topics

AI Will Dramatically Change Project Management

Imagine the incredible value if every project was delivered on time, on budget and with little or no change to the scope of work?  That is the potential of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to project management. However, misconceptions and lack of preparation are huge challenges for organizations that attempt to implement AI for project management.  This presentation starts with a concise overview of AI and provides basic guidelines for success.  It includes a description of some of the existing AI-based project management tools being used today.  This is followed by a live demo of Paul’s current research as well as the next level of capability that will disrupt our project management processes.  Are you ready for project success rates that this profession truly deserves?  

Project Data Analytics Could Transform Project Delivery

Martin will run us through the background to project data analytics and how it could transform how we deliver projects. He’ll then summarise some of the current work that is in progress ranging from the Project Data Analytics Task Force through to Data Trusts, plus much more in between. He’ll summarise with a vision for the future of the profession and how we should prepare.


Martin Paver

Martin Paver

Martin Paver is a Chartered Project Professional and Engineer with 30 years for experience leading projects up to $1bn. In 2017 in set up the project data analytics community which has since expanded to >6000 members. He is Co-Chair of the UK Project Data Analytics Task Force and was also instrumental in establishing the Construction Data Trust. He is CEO of Projecting Success, an SME that supports organisations in leveraging the potential of project data analytics.  

Paul Boudreau, Algonquin College, Ottowa and Stonemeadow Con

Paul Boudreau

Paul Boudreau, MBA, PMP, is a highly respected project management professional with over thirty-five years experience in the technology industry.  His extensive project management work includes successful project implementations in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.  Paul is a professor at Algonquin College in Ottawa where he teaches in the project management program. He has collaborated with instructors in England, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia and spent three weeks teaching in Nanjing, China. Paul is currently using his in-depth knowledge of project management to research and develop AI concepts, following his passion to improve project success rates.  Paul’s first book, Applying Artificial Intelligence to Project Management was well received for both professional and practical insights into a complex new technology.  His most recent book, published this year, is How the Project Management Office Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Bottom Line.

He is known for presenting compelling arguments as to why AI technology will become essential to the way we manage projects.

Event Agenda

18th Nov 2020

Time Item Speaker
14:00 Introduction PIPMG Committee
14:05 Guest Speaker Martin Paver
14:35 Guest Speaker Paul Boudreau, Algonquin College, Ottowa and Stonemeadow Con
15:05 Q&A and Survey PIPMG Committee
15:25 Wrap up and next steps PIPMG Committee
15:30 Close PIPMG Committee

The video meeting will be held on 18th Nov 2020, and will start at 14:00.