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PM to DM

Evolving the Project Management role in Scenario Planning and Strategic Decision Making

A vision represents only one view of the possible futures. In contrast, scenario planning recognizes that there are a number of futures and facilitates strategic decision making. We will explore how the PM role can evolve through presentations, case studies, interactive workshops & discussion.

Up to 12 CPD points are available to people attending the full meeting.

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Full meeting - includes all presentations from both days. (6th - 7th Nov 2018) Cost: £450.00 (+ VAT @ 21.0%)

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Pauline Stewart-Long: Consultant, Stewart-Long Solutions

Pauline Stewart-Long

Pauline Stewart-Long (BSc, PhD) is a  director and chairman of PIPMG. Pauline has worked in the pharmacuetical industry for over 30 years with roles of increasing seniority in both project and portfolio management. She has led R&D drug development projects as well as major organisational change projects. She left GlaxoSmithKline in 2012 to set up her own consultancy and has since worked with a variety of large, medium, small and start up companies developing organisation-specific solutions to meet client needs and ensuring the Project Management organisation acts as a catalyst for R&D strategy by providing staff with the skills to deliver projects.

PIPMG Role: Pauline has been part of the PIPMG executive Committee for 6 years and Chairman for 3 years. She is involved in all areas of PIPMG activity but particularly focused on the future of the organisation and driving the strategy to meet the changing needs of the members.

Cathy Van Wely: Head of Portfolio Strategy Management, IMED, AstraZeneca

Harold Kerzner, International Institute for Learning

Andrew Arzymanow: Head of Projects, UniQure

Andrew Arzymanow

Following attainment of Chartered Engineer status, Andrew Arzymanow chose project management as his speciality and developed his skills and experience on several large projects in the engineering and construction industry to deliver nuclear, oil and gas and chemical processing plants to customers around the World. In 1999, he transferred his project management skills and experience to Pharmaceutical R&D where he worked for Pfizer, GSK and uniQure, a gene therapy biotech. Because of his passion for project management he has always remained close to the projects, and whether in a corporate or operational roles has insisted on maintaining direct responsibility for at least one project. Andrew enjoys travel and has lived in 3 continents. 

Johannes Barsig: Head of R&D Project Excellence, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica

Johannes Barsig

Johannes is Head of R&D Project Excellence at Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica since March this year, after several years of service for Pharma R&D Project Management in the Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health organization.

Before joining Boehringer Ingelheim in 2012, Johannes was project leader and at last Head of Project Management in Human Pharma at Nycomed/Takeda, Konstanz, Germany. Trained in Biochemical Pharmacology, he started his pharmaceutical career as lab head working for Novartis in Vienna, Austria. Over the last 15 years, Johannes has grown his expertise in Project and Portfolio Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry in various positions, not least through his contribution to successful integration of project management functions in several major mergers. He is convinced that cross-functional collaboration and a project-centric way of working are key success factors for our industry.

Speaker Panel

Keith Rodgers, Inngenii

Rebecca Mistry: Project Strategic Services Lead, UCB

Rebecca Mistry

Rebecca is a Geneticist by training, earning her PhD at Imperial College, London. She has worked in drug development for the last 15 years, including 11 years at UCB as a cross-functional Project Manager on both early and late pipeline products. Most recently she has used her broad portfolio and drug development knowledge as the Project Strategic Services Lead within the PMO at UCB to support the asset teams in their preparation for robust and efficient governance decisions. She approaches business with the belief that you can only achieve the right answer if you ask the right question.


John Faulkes: Consultant, PPMLD

John Faulkes

John began his career as a scientist in Immunology Diagnostics within the Wellcome Foundation (now GSK).  He moved after some years to a new career in human resources as a trainer, team coach and eventually a learning and development Business Partner. He became a consultant in the 1990's, offering organization development, team building, skills training / coaching, instructional design and coordination.  In 2001, he co-founded PPMLD Ltd with Ralph White, which specialises in enhancing collaborative working in life sciences – in particular, cross-functional project management and alliance / CRO outsourcing partnerships.  John is also highly experienced in developing online, interactive support for learning and continues to innovate as this technology evolves.

Liz Mitchell: VP, R&D Strategy & Portfolio, GlaxoSmithKline

Liz Mitchell

Liz started life with GSK as a post doc neuropharmacology research scientist and has evolved with the organisation through three companies (Glaxo to GW to GSK), from a research scientist to clinical development to project management to global matrix project leader to pipeline delivery. The work experiences Liz is most proud of are 1) having the privilege of leading the submission/ review/ approval of a new medicine  to treat symptoms of epilepsy; 2) setting up a cross pipeline construct that supported delivery of  multiple major regulatory submissions in 12 months and leading work on quantifying the value proposition of a mid stage R&D portfolio that lead to strategic priorities being set. She loves to cook, travel and read, and promises to find time to learn to play the piano.  In the meantime her mad cocker spaniel demands walks and attention whenever he can! “Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being”


Event Agenda

Day 1 - 6th Nov 2018

Time Item Speaker
13:30 Registration and networking
14:00 Welcome and introduction to PIPMG PIPMG Committee
14:20 What do we mean by strategy? Strategy means different things to different people. This session will examine how strategy differs from visions, plans and tactics and execution and why it’s important to have one. Pauline Stewart-Long, Stewart-Long Solutions
14:50 Can PMs drive early strategy development? Cathy Van Wely, AstraZeneca
15:30 Refreshment and networking break
16:00 Communication and documentation challenges – In this workshop we will discuss and identify best practices for the communication and documentation of strategies, scenarios and decisions. PIPMG Committee
16:40 Innovative project management Harold Kerzner, International Institute for Learning
17:30 Closing remarks PIPMG Committee
17:40 Close of day 1
19:30 Networking Dinner

Day 2 - 7th Nov 2018

Time Item Speaker
08:30 Registration and networking
09:00 Welcome and introduction to PIPMG PIPMG Committee
09:15 Changing Strategy Mid-Project - This presentation will be illustrate, through an example, the critical role a Project Manager plays in the development and implementation of project strategy. The skills and techniques used to help transition the project were unique to the PM role who played a key part in the successful and smooth transition of the project at a critical stage in its development. The example will also illustrate some typical challenges and approaches to drug development in a small (gene therapy) biotech. Andrew Arzymanow, UniQure
09:55 Collaboration of R&D governance bodies and project teams in translating strategy into execution - this presentation will illustrate, how the integrated project and portfolio management model in Boehringer Ingelheim’s Animal Health organization connects strategy with execution in R&D projects. Cross-functional teams with clear roles and responsibilities, a set of well-defined processes for alignment and decision making, and a culture that places the project as the central customer are critical factors for business success. The Target Product Profile process and document will be showcased as a means to align on R&D project scope and objectives. When used consistently, it can also help to explore options and outcome scenarios for projects, thus aiding effective R&D portfolio management. Johannes Barsig, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
10:30 Refreshment and networking break
11:00 Discussion on similarities and differences - a session based on the previous presentation to discuss the similarities and differences in strategic approach for different types of projects and phases of development. Does one size fit all and should it? Speaker Panel
11:30 Scenario Planning Keith Rodgers, Inngenii
12:10 Adapting to a value-based approach to evidence generation: This presentation will look at the role the PMO at UCB has taken to provide structure and consistency to this change within the organisation, and reflects on the lessons learned along the way. Rebecca Mistry, UCB
12:50 Lunch & networking
13:50 Interactive workshop - shifting the focus of the project manager’s role. The workshop will ask participants to compare their perspectives on the evolving role of the project manager. In group sessions we will do some self-analysis exercises and discussion to share peoples’ views and their assessment of the current roles of project managers from their own organisations, against a development model. We will aim to generate a consensus view on what mindset, capabilities and skills the PM should aspire to, in order to play an active role in scenario work and strategic decision making. John Faulkes, PPMLD
15:00 A personal journey from PM to strategic portfolio decision maker: a rear view mirror reflections and on lessons learnt Liz Mitchell, GlaxoSmithKline
15:40 Closing remarks
16:00 Meeting close

Venue Details

The meeting will be held on 6th Nov 2018 at: UCB, R3 Building, Avenue de l'Industrie, 1420 Braine-l'Alleud, 1420, Belgium

About the Venue

Here are some suggestions for hotels local to the venue:

IBIS Brussels Waterloo, Boulevard Henri Rolin 5, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium, details here  

Martins Grand Hotel, Chaussée de Tervuren 198, 1410 Waterloo. Belgium, details here

Hotel Le Cote Vert, Chaussée de Bruxelles, 200G, 1410 Waterloo - Belgium, details here


The Networking Dinner will be held at Golf de 7 fontaines on 6 November