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Challenges of Alliances for the Project Manager

15th - 16th October 2019 - Salisbury, United Kingdom

Alliances and other partnerships, such as outsourcing to CROs and CMOs, are fundamental to our sector, yet frequently cause problems for project managers and the functional project representatives that work on joint teams. All start out with best intentions but most fail to achieve all the objectives established at the outset. Common problems are misunderstandings between partners about mutual commitments and obligations; inadequate governance, leading to delayed resolution of escalated problems; different ways of working in partnered organisations, leading to disconnects about who makes decisions; mismatches in the use of systems and communication tools. As a result, the extended project grouping feels anything but 'one team', which it ideally should if complex and difficult projects are to be managed efficiently. This meeting focuses on partnerships from the project manager’s point of view and will feature recognised experts in partnership management sharing knowledge, as well as an opportunity to network with like-minded people and share your experiences and questions.

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The DNA of a unicorn
- How project management helps build successful businesses from research

26th November 2019 - Great Abington, United Kingdom

Research and technology are advancing at a very fast pace, in this fast moving and competitive environment it is fundamental to build on the good ideas and innovative technology platforms to make sure that these will translate into concrete businesses and future patients’ benefit. Will all ventures result into successful businesses? How can an early biotech startup company achieve the ‘unicorn’ status reaching a $ billion dollar value? Join us at this meeting to discuss some of these questions, we will be focusing on how Project Management can be key to build from good ideas and new technologies to business value. Experts who have been involved in building this kind of value will be discussing their experience, touching different areas including manufacture. There will be great opportunities to network with people with similar challenges and others who have overcome these challenges in an informal set up perfect for sharing experience and asking questions.

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