A valuable benefit for you and your staff

If you are concerned with the skills and development of your project system, as perhaps an HR manager or a PMO manager, we can help you!

Our research over the years tells us that the most effective aid to the development of maturity and confidence of project management staff is networking with colleagues and like minded professionals. Membership of PIPMG and attending our events is a great way to boost this aspect of development.

Encourage your project staff to participate in PIPMG

PIPMG membership is free and attending our events is much better value than many high profile, highly expensive conferences.

Use our vacancies service

Advertisements for your project-related vacancies can reach a wholly relevant audience if you use a mailshot to our membership list. We'll set it up for you easily. it's rapid and cost effective.

Encourage your staff to speak at PIPMG events

Experienced people such as yourself and your project professionals are always welcome as guest speakers at our events. It's a great development opportunity for your people.

Host an event

PIPMG events are hosted at life science organisations' premises. Working with us, we can select a meeting topic that is relevant for your organisation. You will also get some complimentary places at the meeting for your people, and your senior managers would be welcome as guest speakers. If you have a meeting space that can be used for a day or two, or perhaps an evening, we will manage most aspects of administration and liaise with your own people to make the logistics perfectly straightforward.