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Developing cross-functional leadership

Performance can suffer if the project manager can’t take a strong lead. This is easily said but may be a significant challenge. Especially for scientists recently appointed to take on a project, who are, for example,  used to line managing a team or section. A cross-function team presents a new set of stresses.

A confident leadership style of course develops with experience. But a lot of heartache can be bypassed by some more help from PIPMG:

We can observe a PM in action; provide feedback, coaching and mentoring from our seasoned experts. See also the team section below….

We can run a training course if you have a group of candidates.

Try our questionnaire – ‘Your project leadership profile‘ – this will give you some feedback on the current approach plus some tips and guidance. (note: this is in development – at present it will open in a new window)

Dynamic, self-driven project teams

The whole is often NOT more than the sum of the parts in our world. Many companies have much more potential at their disposal, within their cross-function project teams, than current results demonstrate. Teams comprised of high-performing individuals frequently work with some confusion and a passive, reactive approach.

With some help from PIPMG, this can be readily improved!

A great way forward is for us to work with the project manager to run a team workshop. This is entirely customisable to topics that are highly relevant for your company. In particular it can generate real progress in team AND leader effectiveness.

Let’s have a conversation! Get in touch to discuss your own needs and what might help.

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