Our Mission

The PIPMG exists primarily to support development of the Project Management profession in the global pharmaceutical, biotech and associated industries by:

  • Providing continual professional development
  • Enabling learning and sharing of best practices in portfolio, programme and project management
  • Encouraging recognition of the key role of project management in the industry
  • Introduction, participation in and support of initiatives intended to improve the practice of project management internationally
  • Providing a forum for communication and information exchange between members.

Key drivers for our activities

Our principle activity is the organisation of meetings for information sharing, learning and networking. The topics we select for meetings are driven by what have always been key challenges for life science project management:

  • Project management in life science is not a ‘chartered’ role and there are no mandatory accreditations or qualifications for it. Your role may be poorly defined and we can help to clarify it
  • Life science technology and organisational systems are always moving forward and the project manager is often too busy to keep up with the latest thinking. We provide focused and cost effective meetings where you can do so
  • Life science in particular works with complex structures - cross-functional teams, external partnerships of many kinds. Taking a leading role within these is challenging, especially for those new to the role. We can help with guidance and networking with other like-minded people.