Our Constitution


PIPMG is an association run for the benefit of its members and indirectly to support anyone that is working in a project management or associated role in the life science sector.


  • Membership of PIPMG is free of charge and exists primarily for professionals involved in the management of projects in the life science sector.
  • Membership will grant access to certain restricted areas of the web site and by default will add a member to the email distribution list. Anyone can apply for and join PIPMG. However, membership is at the discretion of the Executive Committee and may be terminated at any time for any reason deemed to be appropriate by the Executive Committee.
  • The PIPMG is a not-for-profit organisation therefore any surplus funds will be managed by the Executive Committee to fund improvements to the quality of services provided for PIPMG members (e.g. public meetings, workshops, PIPMG communications, website enhancements etc.). PIPMG costs will be recovered through payment for attendance at the periodic public meetings. However, the Executive Committee reserves the right to defray operating costs through other means as may be agreed by the Board / Executive Committee.

PIPMG Ltd and Board

PIPMG corporate and trading activities are managed by a Community Interest Company, PIPMG Ltd.

The Board of directors of the company consist of volunteers and it is their responsibility to:

  • Ensure that PIPMG as a whole is fulfilling its mission and objectives
  • Ensure the financial health of PIPMG and manage company affairs
  • Approve membership of the Executive Committee

The Board will appoint /remove directors by majority vote.

In the event of PIPMG Ltd being wound up with a cash surplus, this will be donated to medically based charities at the discretion of the Board / Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

The operation of PIPMG is managed by the Executive Committee, which consists of volunteers (some of which may also be Board members). It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to:

  • Conceive and plan periodic events of interest to members and the life science sector generally
  • Communicate about events and other news with members by mail shot, web updates and social media
  • Recruit relevant and credible speakers for events
  • Participate in and help to host / facilitate events
  • Network and link with similar bodies to provide benefits to members, collaborate in joint events where opportunities arise and share promotional activities / contacts lists
  • Seek interested volunteers from the life science sector to join the committee and/or help with events.

Board/Committee benefits

  • Board and Executive Committee members will be volunteers and not be remunerated for any PIPMG routine activities.
  • Board and Executive Committee members will be reimbursed for reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred in set up / provisioning of events.
  • Board and Executive Committee members may be paid for certain commissioned development activities but where so will be ineligible to vote in approval of said commissions.
  • Board and Executive Committee members will be able to attend any PIPMG events free of charge.


  • Facilitating education and training
  • Encouraging recognition of the key role of project management in the industry
  • Introduction, participation in and support of initiatives intended to improve the practice of project management internationally
  • Providing a forum for communication and information exchange between members.