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15th Edition Portfolio Management And Pipeline Optimization For Generics

Building Partnerships and Alliances to Diversify Global and Domestic Markets and Capitalize on Investment

28 September – 29 September 2022 | Sheraton University City – Philadelphia, PA

Pharmaceutical companies need to ensure they have a competitive edge in the market while adapting to evolving industry best practices that advance product selection and portfolio management. From developing and selecting products that will optimize a portfolio, to engaging in potential partnerships with a CMO/CDMOs to improve engagement and increase ROI, these generic pharmaceutical companies need to implement actionable tools and strategies that can streamline these changes efficiently and quickly.

Addressing all the above, this premier Portfolio Management and Pipeline Optimization for Generics, 15th Edition conference will feature a variety of content rich presentations on portfolio optimization, product selection, portfolio value, partnership and alliance management, forecasting for future projects, and capitalizing on new opportunities to drive business growth. More specifically, our high-level delegate attendees will be hearing from players in the generic pharma space on how to navigate the world space to acquire their major supplies in a timely manner. Also, how to make profitable and lucrative deals, build value added alliances and partnerships while keeping close eye on how they can be more competitive in a market which is highly saturated. It will also explore the barriers of entry to new markets, technologies, branded and complex formulations.

Attending This Premier Event Will Enable You To:

  • Consider key aspects for ‘Market Pricing’ while working on the business case of the product and impact on the balance sheet
  • Pioneer business strategy through optimal alliances and partnerships via efficient and effective planning and processes
  • Foster collaborative and competent partnerships to support and deliver on timelines
  • Capitalize on the right product mix to find the right cost structure by using realistic timelines
  • Deliver organizational objectives and goals that highlight value of program alignment, importance and relevance
  • Align business terms to ensure and take advantage of all available opportunities and remain competitive while navigating an evolving market

Best practices and case studies from:

  • Kevin Ostrander, Vice President, Business Development, Apiject
  • Maha Mehanna, Associate Director, Portfolio Development, XGen Pharmaceuticals
  • Alpesh Patel, Head- Strategic International Expansion & Senior Vice President -Global Regulatory Affairs, BTI & SETE, Amneal Pharmaceuticals
  • Michael Roy, Director – International Sales and International Business Development of Generics Business, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  • Ayushman Hazarika, Director Finance, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Modestus Obochi, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Phlow Corporation

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