The aim of PIPMG is to promote and support the development of the Project Management profession within Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, CRO and other Pharma Services organisations.

Why participate in PIPMG?

PIPMG is the principle body that supports the project management profession in our sector.

As a member, by connecting to us and attending our events you can get powerful and continuing professional development to help develop your career.

Also you can network with like minded people and access our resources, to help you navigate the challenges of working in a complex environment.

You can contribute your experience and knowledge to the wider community and help fellow project managers to succeed.

Our next event:

Is Data Analytics and AI the new Project Management?

18th November 2020

Data science has potential to provide enormous benefits to project and portfolio management in Pharma. There is an explosion of apps and tools using data analytics and artificial Intelligence (AI) for the benefit of research and development and there could be a similar benefit to project management. The Construction and Oil & Gas sectors are learning the business advantages of using the tools to give huge cost, time, risk, reporting, and quality improvements. But what might happen in our sector? PIPMG has arranged two renowned speakers to describe the current status of data analytics and AI to help us explore how pharma project management can benefit. We aim to explore what are the potential holds for our industry, how disruptive it could be, the opportunities that emerge from it and how we should prepare. We’ll also examine the current state of the art and where the industry is heading.

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